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Try out some jump rope skills:

Just remember to master skills it takes practice, patience, and more PRACTICE!
For more skills contact Sionna Barton – Jump 2B Fit Director at the Bermuda Heart Foundation.

Heel to Toe
Toe to Toe
Side Toe Touch
Straddle Cross
Front Cross
Jogging Step
Backward 180°
Swing Kick

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ISLAND HOPPING featuring The Bermy Bouncers

Read what the Royal Gazette says about it!

Jump 2B Fit

One World One Rope

The Jump 2B Fit school program combats the childhood obesity epidemic by providing a structured, low-cost, high impact activity which encourages kids to enjoy physical fitness and instills positive, healthy habits including good nutrition, being active minded and healthy decision making.
  • Available to all students age 7 and up
  • Currently have held clubs in 23 public and private schools
  • 181 students enrolled in 2017
  • Endorsement from Bermuda Heart Foundation
  • Provides each school with a set of Jump 2B Fit School ropes to use for PE classes and encourage schools to provide them for recess, lunch, and afterschool breaks.
  • Cost per child: $15 per semester which buys them a rope for them to keep!

School Tours

Twice a year the BDAJRF hosts an internationally staffed JUMP 2B FIT SCHOOL TOUR! World Champion adult coaches travel around the island hosting “Healthy Active Assemblies, PE Takeovers, or Mini-Jump Workshops” in 12+ public/private primary, middle & high Schools over the span of 3-4 days.

Local boys qualify for World Skipping championships

Shock and awe was the reaction from Jump 2b Fit coach Sionna Barton when part of her Bermy Bouncers skipping team qualified for the skipping Grand World Championships in Florida this week.
Photo from Royal Gazette

‘You can’t jump rope if you are not fit’

Students jumping rope through the Bermuda Heart Foundation's Jump 2b programme to encourage youth fitness. Interschool performance jump rope team the Bermy Bouncers will be coping in the World Jump Rope Competition in Orlando, Florida, this month.
Photo by Akil Simmons

Jumping can take you places

Young Bermuda jumpers from the Jump 2 B Fit team had a great experience in the world championships in Florida.
(Photo by Royal Gazette)

Getting Bermudians Heart Healthy One Jump at a Time!

Members of Somersfield Academy's Star Squad along with Jump 2b Fit Director Sionna Barton put on a demonstration on Front Street during the first Wednesday evening of Harbour Nights
(Photo by Glenn Tucker - Royal Gazette)

Program overview

This recreation-based curriculum introduces children to a structured jump rope program as the foundation to learn about nutrition, fitness, and health. The program helps children of all ages and abilities develop lifelong habits to the practice of health, physical activity, and good nutrition. Jumping or high-impact exercise is very effective for increasing bone density, especially during puberty. Physical activity not only builds strong bones, it also builds muscle, helps prevent obesity and certain diseases and gives the individual great self esteem.

The program is also geared to adults. The idea that jumping rope is only for kids is inaccurate. Today benefits of jumping rope are experienced by thousands of adults, who:

  • Wish to stay fit, but have no time for a gym;
  • Need to lose pounds, but do not believe diets;
  • Cost effective – you only need a rope!

This is a body activity which engages every muscle and helps to develop such athletic features like coordination, agility, quickness, balance, speed, anaerobic and aerobic conditioning and bone density.

Overall program goals:

  • Stimulate interest in jumping rope as well as spark interest in other physical activities.
  • Challenge people to practice a variety of jump rope activities.
  • Increase awareness and practice of exercise.

Jump rope program goals:

Participants learn:

  • proper rope measurement
  • importance of warming-up
  • basic jumping techniques
  • how to jump with a partner
  • intermediate jump rope techniques
  • jump rope games
  • advanced jumping techniques

Jump Rope Skills

Our Friends the Comet Skippers….Watch This!

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