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“Power To The Patient” - by Simone Barton, CEO of the Bermuda Heart Foundation and Founder of the CORE Center
In Bermuda, we have a tendency to put more effort into planning our next vacation than making sure we are receiving the right healthcare, in the right setting, provided by the right medical professional.
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U.S. Experts Advise On Kidney & Heart Disease
Doctors from NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital have helped Bermuda practitioners to keep up with the latest developments in heart and kidney treatment.
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10 Facts Every Woman Should Know About Heart Disease
When it comes to heart disease, women experience unique causes, symptoms and outcomes compared to me.
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Signs And Symptoms Of Heart Disease In Men
Heart disease is one of the leading health risks facing men today. According to the American Heart Association, more than one in three adult men has heart disease.
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10 Best Foods For Your Heart
Which food groups have the most science behind their heart-healthy claims?
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The Many Ways Exercise Helps Your Heart
A single exercise session may provide immediate and long-lasting protection.
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This Number Can Say A Lot About Your Health. Do You Know What It Is?
Of all the measurements associated with your health, resting heart rate doesn’t get much attention. But research suggests that it should.
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