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Getting to the heart of healthy eating
"Beans, beans, good for your heart" goes the old schoolyard song, but beans are just one of many ingredients proven to promote heart health.
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Heart health on your phone.
See how amazing technology on your phone could help to cut medical costs.
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10 High Blood Pressure Risk Factors You Should Know About
Anyone can develop hypertension, but certain factors could increase your odds of being diagnosed with high blood pressure. Learn what to watch out for.
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Home DNA Test Reveals Surprising Health Risks
When I sent a saliva sample for DNA analysis, I worried what I might find out. Could I be in danger of developing melanoma—the disease that killed my dad—or Alzheimer's, which affected my grandmother? Do I really want to know?
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Look after you heart – before it’s too late
Both Robert Wade and Jack Chiappa were leading relatively normal lives, completely unaware that they were at risk of falling victim to the island’s most deadly killer — heart disease.
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Premier Officially Opens ‘Garden Of Love’
The opening of the ‘The Garden of Love’ was held on February 1st in the Washington Mall, with Premier Craig Cannonier, Sousa’s Landscaping owner and MP Jeff Sousa, and MP Nandi Davis all in attendance for the ribbon cutting.
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Fat adults breed fat kids, and Bermuda has a weight problem Read the story from the Royal Gazette.

The 7th annual Paul Marsden Memorial Rugby game took place on January 19 at the National Sports Complex.
His death was attributed to an unknown pre-existing heart condition, and this year the Bermuda Heart Foundation partnered with the Bermuda Police Rugby Football Club to support this annual event in an effort to raise heart health awareness.
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